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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well Here Goes

This is just a digital version until I can get the film developed. Unfortunately my old box of Type 55 is ruined and the images are fogged or I would have used that. That is what I get for trying to use a 5 year old box of Polaroids.

At first I wanted this to look as real as I could, but after reviewing the images the strings really gives the image a foundation of what I had to do to create this image. I have realized that with out that "hand" in photography images seem empty and hollow.

I'm am jealous of a painters ability to create anything they can imagine, because I would have to build it. However, that element of craftsmanship might be just what photography is missing. Not that it was ever non-existent but, simply never the focus.

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  1. This is rad. Can't wait to see the film version.